I , am time !

I stand watching the human race, caught a rat race with no regard of time and space. 

“Live life, don’t waste it, you foolish human”, I say 

turning a deaf ear, he moves ahead.

Man’s quest for things unnecessary,

his gluttony never ceases to exist.

Money and power have replaced my worth. 

But his two new friends can only get him so far.

Realisation hits him all too late.

Unaware, he curses his fate.

Unaware that I control everything 

Unaware that I can’t be reached 

With no start and no end, 

a vicious circle eternally bound 

I am the master of fate, I am the captain of the soul,

I am what every man wishes to control.

He who wins me over wins it all.

In today’s world, I am god,

I, am time.